Brainstorm Walk/Run Videos

Lisa Marquardt, Children's Hospital


Jenya Iuzzini-Seigel, Marquette University

The Piskula Family

Michael Spaeth and Melissa Lambers

Dan Bare, Winner of Race

Grace Bussc

Supporting Sarah

Schueller Family, MVI 1519


Mary Rose

Geralyn Jones enjoying the day with family and friend.

Wonder Winnie brings her family and friends to the Epilepsy Families walk/run event

Scott Esser, DJ for the Epilepsy Family Walk/Run event

Jeffery Joers , Food Vender and member of the Epilepsy Families community


19th Annual Brainstorm Walk/Run for Epilepsy in Milwaukee, June 2019

Epilepsy Families 19th Annual Brainstorm Walk Run