Who We Are

The Epilepsy Families Southeast Wisconsin is the only agency in our four county area specifically organized to serve the special needs of 59,000 persons with epilepsy, 10,000 of whom are children. An additional 100,000 family members also require epilepsy-related services and programs but We would like to do more. The foundation provides community outreach in order to expand epilepsy awareness, education and socialization.

While progress is being made, epilepsy remains a disorder that few people talk about, even today. Maybe it is because seeing a loved one or friend experiencing a seizure is such a frightening experience. However, while we are making great strides to educate the public, we have a long way to go. We continue to persevere and with your support, we know that someday all those who have this seizure disorder will over come the need to to keep this issue to themselves.