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I'm excited to tell you that I have signed up to participate in a virtual fundraising walk for a nonprofit organization called Epilepsy Families Southeast Wisconsin (EFSEWI).  Between family members, friends, and co-workers, I'll bet you know 26 people who live here in the US; one of those 26 will be diagnosed with epilepsy at some point in his/her lifetime.


This year, Epilepsy Families SE WI will be donating 19% of the profits made from their fundraiser (money I will help raise!) to COVID-19 relief efforts here in Wisconsin.  The 19% will be evenly split between The Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee, and the CDC Health Worker Relief Fund.  The remaining proceeds will be used, as usual, to help individuals and families affected by epilepsy.


The virtual walk, named "Step on Nineteen (19) in 2020 for Epilepsy," and is a month and third - long walk that is in progress through November 10th.  Fall is the best time of the year in Wisconsin!  I will enjoy the beautiful colors of our state while I'm walking to reach my mileage goal of (INSERT NUMBER) miles.  And yes, I will be wearing a mask, and maintaining my social distance from other neighborhood walkers. 


Your contributions make such a difference in so many lives.  Please sponsor me, or simply donate to the fundraising event itself, by clicking on the DONATE link below. OR, register to participate in the walk, too! The link to REGISTER is below the DONATE link.


Thank you so much for supporting me and Epilepsy Families of Southeast Wisconsin during these tough times!